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Tasso bar à mezze
Wonderful food, great atmosphere, amazingly friendly service...
Villa Du Souvlaki
I had been told this was an amazing souvlaki place, but I didn't find...
Restaurant Elatos Souvlaki
Best food ever !!!! Staff is polite and friendly. Visit once and u...
Restaurant Village Grecque
they make an awesome gyros. period.
Mike Webber
Cabane Grecque Restaurant
The horiatiki and tarama were great ! but my friend had the moussaka...
alexander nevermind
Marathon Souvlaki
Not my favorite Greek restaurant. It feels like a fast food place or...
Casa Grecque Restaurants
This review is for the CASA GRECQUE restaurant on Gouin blvd in...
Arahova Souvlaki
This is a fast Greek food place in a small food court. The food is...
Bonne Bouffe Souvlaki
Brochetterie La Maison Grecque
Results 1-10 of 48 Montréal Greek restaurants

Montréal Greek Restaurants
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