Sacramento Sushi Restaurants

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Sacramento Restaurants

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Mikuni Sushi
This resturant has high quality food and service. If you love sushi...
sushi lvr
Miyagi Bar & Sushi
Everything was good including the service. They seem very friendly...
Sushi Cafe
Fresh food, friendly people. Great food. Great happy hour specials!
Arigato Sushi
This is our favorite local sushi restaurant, for it's variety and the...
Shogun Sushi
Unlike those pre-made sushi you get at most buffet place, the sushi...
Nishiki Sushi
Love the sushi, especially since rolls are half-priced at lunch...
Oshima Sushi
The food wasn't bad. The calamari came with only four pieces but...
Sushi Lover
Rokku Sushi
Sada Sushi
Sushi King Restaurant
Results 1-10 of 12 Sacramento Sushi restaurants

Sacramento Sushi Restaurants
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