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  • Tunnel Inn

  • 3.0 stars
    (2 reviews, average rating: 2.5/5)
  • Cuisines: American (Traditional)
  • (307) 683-2296
  • 402 Highway 193 Story, WY 82842
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$$$ ($26-$60)
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1 Review
  • Avoid this place, rude owner, horrible food
  • Overall
    1.0 star
    • Food
      1.0 star
    • Services
      1.0 star
    • Atmosphere
      1.0 star
    • Price Range (per person): $26-$60
    • Visit Again?: No
    • Party Size: 4
  • This restaurant gets a lot of buzz, but after going there, I think it is the owner's and his friends creating the buzz.

    I made a reservation over a week in advance for a nice family Easter dinner. When we got there, our table was not setup according to the reservation, and the employees were not able to provide the correct amount of chairs. They kept miscounting the chairs, so finally we had to get another chair ourselves. That should have been a sign of the service to come.

    Before we ordered, we told the waitress how we were going to split the bill. When we were placing the actual order, the waitress asked which bill to put each item on as each person ordered.

    After we ordered, it took 20 minutes for us to get our first round of drinks. The restaurant wasn't even that busy - there were only two other tables with customers and each had its own waiter! We ended up having to ask the other waiters for our drinks. 35 minutes after taking our order, we were informed that the restaurant ran out of the special during lunch and did not have the dinner special. The waitress should have known that they were out of food and never presented it as an option to us.

    A chef should be concerned about the food and getting dishes out as quickly as possible. Since the chef is the owner, he is not concerned with this. During our long wait for drinks, the chef came out constantly to get drinks and to talk with his friends. He did not wear a chef's apron or anything to identify himself as an employee, the chef, or the owner.

    We made a bit of a drive to try this place out, so we waited to get our revised order. After an hour wait, our experience got even worse when the food actually arrived. Everything was either extremely under-cooked or extremely over-cooked. The fried chicken was overcooked and dried out, the shrimp was over cooked and tasted like rubber, my ribeye was overcooked, and my wife's salmon was so rare that it looked like sashimi! The kid portions were so small that my children were not even happy with them. I sent the salmon back to the kitchen in the hopes that my wife would be able to salvage something out of the meal. When the salmon came back to us, it was blatantly burnt and very black all over.

    When we got to the counter and requested to speak to the manager regarding the bad service and food, we were informed that he was busy eating and drinking in the bar area. After insisting to talk to him, the hostess approached the owner/chef, and then the owner/chef started yelling at the waitress! The owner/chef finally came out to the dining area and started yelling at my family and me! He was very insulting and offensive and threw every excuse in the book to try and explain the problems we experienced. When we walked out to our cars, he followed us and yelled at us like a redneck having a temper tantrum!

    Normally when there is a service or food quality issue, a responsible restaurant manager will listen to the concerns and take appropriate action to avoid the issues in the future, apologize to the customer, and fix the situation in such a way that the customer wants to come back. This owner did not apologize for anything and did not even try to keep us as customers. The 'award winning' chef did not care to listen to us. I highly doubt that his claim that 'he has never had a complaint from any of his customers' is true. He even accused my family of just wanting to get a free meal. We have traveled all over the world and eaten many fine cuisines, and have never experienced such over-hyped, unsatisfactory food or service at a restaurant before. In my opinion, a fast food restaurant would have been a better choice for our family Easter dinner than this place.

    I would advise anyone that wants to visit the restaurant to avoid it. You are better off saving your time, gas, money, patience, taste buds, and sanity. Instead, just go to your favorite local restaurant and know that every minute yo

  • Order: Ribeye, seafood kabob, children's chicken fingers
B. A. Krueger
  • Restaurant setting was a typical western theme...
  • Overall
    4.0 stars
    • Food
      4.0 stars
    • Services
      4.0 stars
    • Atmosphere
      4.0 stars
    • Price Range (per person): $26-$60
    • Visit Again?: Yes
    • Party Size: 1
  • Restaurant setting was a typical western theme, with lots of wood, and a nice fireplace. The wait staff was pleasant and did not mind moving me into the other room next to the fireplace when I requested it (it was a chilly November evening). The elk was the best I've had - not overdone, juicy, tender and the sweet/tart glaze complimented the meat perfectly. The wine was average to good, and the potato was done just right - not too dry, very flavorful. I would recommend this restaurant and I'd go there again.

  • Order: I ordered elk steak with a cranberry-type glaze. It came with a salad, bread, a twice baked potato, and vegetables. I also had a glass of dry Cabernet Sauvignon (limited wine list) recommended by the waitress (sorry, I do not recall the winery).
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