Have a great review of Doc Watson's on your Blog?

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Here’s how
  1. Simply include one of the Restaurantica image links (below) in your blog post
  2. We’ll automatically notice your image link is in use, and after we read your blog…
  3. Restaurantica will link to your blog post reviewing Doc Watson's
It’s simple and free.Read our FAQ for details.

Image links

To connect your blog review to Restaurantica, just copy one of the HTML snippets below into your blog’s review page.
We’ll do the rest, including automatically updating as the restaurant’s reviews and popularity change.

Blog Review FAQ
Q.Why would I want to add my blog review to Restaurantica?
A.Simply put, exposure. Our visitors and members will see a brief snippet of your review, and many will click through to read more on your blog. We hope it’s also because you like Restaurantica!
Q.How long does it take for my blog review to appear on Restaurantica?
A.It usually takes a few days for the system to become aware of the links and for us to approve your addition. To cut down on spam we need to manually approve each blog review.
Q.My blog review has not appeared after a few days, what’s up?
A.If it’s been less than 3-4 days then please try to be patient -- there may have been a higher than normal amount of submissions.
If it’s been more than 5 days, Contact Us and let us know -- we’ll look into it.
Here’s a general troubleshooting checklist:
  • Did you remember to copy one of the HTML blocks above into your blog review page? It’s the key that allows us to detect your blog and add your work review.
  • If you added one of our logo images directly (instead of on of the above HTML snippets) to your blog page, then you’ll need to also link to the restaurant your reviewed, on Restaurantica. Using the HTML snippets tends to lead to faster addition, in most cases.