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  • Red Lobster Restaurant

  • 4.0 stars
    (1 review, average rating: 4.0/5)
  • Cuisines: Seafood
  • (810) 385-8773
  • 4220 24th Ave Fort Gratiot Township, MI 48059
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Price range
$$ ($11-$25)
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15 Reviews
  • Service is Really Great Here
  • Overall
    4.0 stars
    • Food
      4.0 stars
    • Services
      5.0 stars
    • Atmosphere
      4.0 stars
    • Price Range (per person): $11-$25
    • Visit Again?: Yes
    • Party Size: 2
  • For Canadians crossing the border at Port Huron to shop around the Birchwood Mall, there are a couple of restaurants nearby that I think give value for the money. They are the Olive Garden and the Red Lobster. My wife and I usually alternate between the two of them, but this time we returned to the Red Lobster for a second visit in a row.

    I was hungry and looking for a very reasonably priced 4-part special that I’d had there in the past summer. Unfortunately the lunch menu had changed so I tried the “Sailor’s Platter” ($9.99) with a bowl of Potato Bacon soup ($ 3.75). My wife had the Atlantic Salmon ($ 16.25). The total bill was $ 41 after a well-deserved 20% tip. That’s a little steep for a fast lunch, but in our case it was going to be the main meal of the day and it was something of an occasion for us.

    I thought the salmon dish was a little expensive but my wife enjoyed it. The cheaper platter that I had was a good deal at the price. The generous portion of soup was slightly thicker than I prefer.

    I am always impressed when a 2nd soft-drink is provided automatically when the first one is almost finished. That happened here, but after reviewing the bill, a $2.40 charge for a soft drink probably does warrant a “free” refill. But the question is whether or not you will get it if the waitress is busy – and I did.

    The restaurant had a steady lunch business but it wasn’t crowded. It was probably the ideal situation for the serving staff to look as good as possible – and they did. We were warmly greeted at the door when we came in and when we left we were seen off by several of the staff, with the door being held open for us by the maitre d’. In between, at all stages we experienced a level of service that you might expect at a really high class place. The staff are well-trained, well-selected, or some combination of both, because they do their jobs very well.

    The washrooms are clean and have proper washing facilities – real taps with hot water and paper towels–not those damned electric eye things with cold water and air dryers!

    The plastic “doggy-bag” container we got for the uneaten salmon was “microwave –safe” and “dishwasher-safe”. Maybe we can re-use it at home?

    We’ll return in a few months ourselves. In the meantime, I’d recommend to friends and family.

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