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Northern Chinese Kitchen 24 Coburg Street, Saint John, NB E2L3J5
  • We had a waitress that couldn’t speak English...
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    1.0 star
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      2.0 stars
    • Price Range (per person): $26-$60
    • Visit Again?: No
    • Party Size: 3
  • We had a waitress that couldn’t speak English. This made it difficult when we asked about the dishes that weren’t familiar. The karate school is on the same floor and the students changing room is close by they walk past the tables to get to class and to go change.
    We ordered a Pepsi and two ice water, 2 wonton soup $4/each, egg rolls 4/$4, chou mein $7, pork and pineapple chunks $12, guabou (not sure if I am spelling correctly)$15. The pork and pineapple arrived after 15 minutes next the water and can of pop. We order two more cans of pop because there wasn’t ice in the glasses but there was something floating in the water. We were very hungry after a few bites you can really taste the ketchup in the sauce not what we were expecting (not very authentic) the wonton soup arrived and it was served in a mixing bowl. If it had tasted good there would have been enough to share with two people however the broth was water with seaweed the wontons were just ok, if that. When the guabou arrived it was a thin fried pork smothered in a ketchup sauce we only ate about 1/3 of this dish and there was three of us. Eventually the chou mein and egg rolls arrived. The chou mein could pass for ok but there was barely any meat and 3-4 pieces of green pepper. The egg rolls tasted like a low grade frozen egg roll from the grocery store. We picked at the egg rolls and left one untouched. When we left we certainly didn’t take the left over’s home and there was plenty on the table. The three of us didn’t feel very good until later the next day. If this is authentic Chinese cuisine I wouldn’t last a week in China. But I don’t think it is authentic because I’m sure ketchup isn’t their main ingredient in cooking.
    So about $60 less in the wallet an unsatisfied stomach and somewhat sick feeling, poor environment and poor service we won’t be back and would never recommend to anyone.

  • Order: We ordered a Pepsi and two ice water, 2 wonton soup $4/each, egg rolls 4/$4, chou mein $7, pork and pineapple chunks $12, guabo