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Sushi Park 2458 Dundas Street West, Mississauga, ON L5K1R8
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    5.0 stars
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      5.0 stars
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      5.0 stars
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      4.0 stars
    • Price Range (per person): $0-$10
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    • Party Size: 2
  • I used to come here quite often when it was under different management. It was always good then and it is still good now. My fiance and I were looking for a good quick lunch, I had been here before so we decided to try it again. We were not dissapointed. The food was fresh, hot and cold where it should have been. Even the miso was tasty, some places make it too salty. The couple that runs the place were friendly and happy to help us. The tempura spicy crab roll was my favorite roll from the old menu, I couldn't find it on the new menu but when I asked they said they could make it for me no problem. The food was made right in front of us and it was ready quick, we barely had to wait more than 10 minutes.

    It is a small shop, room for only 4 or 5 people to sit down so it is food to take home if you have a big party of people, but you wont regret it. The shop is clean and the ingredients are fresh. The service is friendly and the menu is easy to read and easy to use.

  • Order: Miso soup, Veggie tempura roll, Tempura spicy crab roll, Double Dynamite Roll