Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • General Queries
    • What is Restaurantica?

      Restaurantica is the hottest new restaurant guide that connects diners dishing about their eating-out-adventures. Whether you're a savvy foodie or a casual diner, Restaurantica gives you what you want - without having to mess with search engines or jump from site to site.

    • Is Restaurantica free?

      Yes - everything is free for everyone. For restaurant owners we're planning to offer value-added, premium subscriptions. Stay tuned!

    • Why do I have to be a member to write a review?

      Restaurantica is a vibrant and quickly growing community. And just like it's easier to trust advice from a friend than a complete stranger, it's easier to have confidence in reviews written by people connected to you.

      Word of mouth recommendations go digital on Restaurantica:

      • By electronically connecting like-minded dinners offering up and looking for similar information
      • By offering relevant and fresh information to our members whether they're dining locally or traveling
      • By giving restaurant diners and owners a forum for honest and direct communication
    • How can I become a Restaurantica member?

      Simply click the join link that appears at the top right corner of any Restaurantica page and complete the form. It only takes a few minutes and you're ready to review as a member. Remember to login every time you visit, so you (and your fans) can track the reviews you write.

    • Why do you need my email?

      We need your email to verify your account and to help you reset your password to you if you lose it. Restaurantica takes your privacy seriously and we promise never to share, trade or sell any of your personal information.

    • I'm a regular member (not a restaurant owner) and one of my reviews has been removed. Why?

      Reviews come and go on restaurant listing pages because we sort them by date and helpfulness to keep the freshest ones at the top. Your reviews will always be visible to you on your profile page and will never be deleted – but we may set a review as inactive if our members flag it as abusive or inappropriate. To learn more about our review guidelines, please click here

    • Do my friends have to be members of Restaurantica to see my reviews and images?

      Everyone who visits Restaurantica can read your reviews and see images you post on restaurant listing pages.

    • How can I invite my friends to Restaurantica?

      Restaurantica is a lot more fun when all your friends are here. Click here to invite your friends now. Don't forget to fill in all the required fields, and feel free to personalize your message. When you're finished, click submit.

  • Profile Questions
    • Who can see my real name? My nickname?

      You set the level of privacy you want on your profile page. If you're okay with the world knowing your first and last name, that's your choice. And if you'd rather go by an alias that doesn't identify you, that's cool too.

    • How do I change my basic account information?

      To edit your profile, log in and select the edit profile in the upper right-hand corner of any page (it’s in the drop-down beside your nickname). The link will take you to your profile page where you can update your account information. You can also access the Edit Profile feature by selecting from “Your Page”.

    • Can I change my nickname?

      Yes, you can change your nickname at any time. Keep in mind that Restauranticans who enjoy your reviews may lose track of you if you change it too often though. If you want to change your nickname, go into your profile and click edit profile

    • I forgot my password. Can you send it to me?

      We can't send you your password because we don't know it. But we can send you a secure link for you to create a new password for yourself. Click to retrieve your password now or go to our login page.

    • Can I have more than one Restaurantica account?

      No, it's not cool for you to review the same business under multiple accounts. When we see this kind of activity, we delete the account(s).

  • Review Information
    • Will Restaurantica allow negative reviews if a restaurant owner is an advertiser?

      Absolutely. Restaurantica has always been a place for people to share their dining experiences - good and bad. Our members help moderate the site by flagging reviews as offensive or inappropriate and by voting on the helpfulness of reviews. But moderation is not tied to ad sales. Click here to review our guidelines.

    • Why do you keep reviews around for so long?

      Even old reviews can help Restauranticans make better dining decisions. Read through some early reviews and you'll be able to track improvements or deterioration and see why some restaurants thrive while others fail.

    • Why can't I find a review of my favorite restaurant?

      Restaurantica is powered by people like you, so it might be that your restaurant hasn't been "discovered" by us yet. If you're passionate about dining, start the ball rolling with a review so others can learn from your experiences.

    • All those positive reviews must have been written by the owner. Why don't you take them down?

      Don't be so jaded. If we haven't removed a review, we're satisfied it's legitimate. If you suspect suspicious behavior, feel free to report it as abusive and we'll look into it.

    • Does Restaurantica ever remove reviews?

      Yes, sometimes we will move reviews if they fall outside our guidelines. Click here to review our guidelines.

    • How do I write a review?

      If you've never written a review before, it's easier than you think. Your opinion is important to us and the most important part of your review. Keep these points in mind when writing a review:

      • Food:Tell us what you ordered and your satisfaction with what you received. Be descriptive and tell us what you'd improve upon and what deserves kudos.
      • Service:Were you treated like a guest or an annoyance? Did anything happen that sealed you as a lifetime customer or sent you off with a vow to never return?
      • Other Amenities:Were you happy with the décor, cleanliness and general ambience? Anything you'd change?

      Use our Rate Your Experience tool on the right-hand side of the page to score the restaurant. And remember, your review has the power to sway others' dining choices. Be honest and be fair.

      What we love:

      • All required fields of the review form must be filled in.
      • Descriptions must have enough information to be useful to other users. "Pizza was okay" isn't helpful.
      • Reviews can be about good, bad or mediocre experiences, but a business transaction must have taken place for your review to be accepted.
      • Strange stuff happened? Great, we'd love to know that the server can hum the national anthem backwards. Just make sure your information is correct and informative.
      • One review per experience.

      What we don't allow:

      • No personal attacks, name-calling or threats.
      • No second-hand experiences or hearsay.
      • No foul/degrading language, racial slurs or bigotry.
      • No Trade secrets, email addresses or any personally identifiable information.
      • No accusations of illegal activity, petty theft or discrimination.
      • No unsubstantiated accusations of food poisoning.
      • No reviews if you're an employee, ex-employee or owner.
    • What if I received a discount or free meal?

      Lucky you. In your review, tell us about the discount and why you received it. You should never accept a discount in exchange for a favorable review though.

    • Can I write a review of a restaurant I own or work for?

      No. If you work for or own a restaurant you have a bias that will skew your experience - good or bad. When we see reviews submitted by people associated with the restaurant they're reviewing, we delete them.

    • What if I had a really bad experience and I want to warn other diners away?

      Great. Restauranticans will appreciate your honesty. Stick to the facts and remember that we cannot accept reviews that personally attack or threaten anyone involved.

    • How is the RestaurantRank™ calculated?

      RestaurantRank™ is a formula that grades all restaurants based on member-voted helpfulness. It prioritizes reviews submitted by members over anonymous reviews along with other variables identified by Restauranticans as important.

    • How can I become a regional editor?

      We are refining a plan to allow our superstar reviewers to become "City or Regional Editors." In the meantime, feel free to show off your local expertise by creating an account and writing great reviews, adding new restaurants and/or notifying us about closures.

  • Restaurant Particulars
    • How can I add a new restaurant to Restaurantica?

      Simply go to your city list (or any existing restaurant listing page) and find the box beneath the map that says add a restaurant. Click on it and we'll walk you through the rest. The restaurant you add will be ready for your review immediately after submission.

    • The cuisine type on my favorite restaurant is wrong. How can I change it?

      Please use the “Incorrect business info? Let us know!” link found on the detail page of every restaurant. We'll change it as soon as possible. The best way to classify a restaurant’s cuisine is to think about the words other Restauranticans might use to search for it.

    • Why don't you list more restaurant websites?

      Restaurantica is fueled by its users. If you know of a website that belongs to a restaurant we already have listed, please us the “Incorrect business info? Let us know!” link found on the detail page of every restaurant. If you're adding a new restaurant, simply use our add a restaurant feature.

    • No one has reviewed my restaurant yet. How do I get someone to review it?

      Simple. Ask your satisfied patrons to join Restaurantica and start singing your praises.

    • How can I promote my restaurant?

      Start by making sure all the information we list is correct, and Contact Us if we need to make changes. We'll be in touch if we have any questions. Look for further opportunities soon in our upcoming Owner's Program.

  • II still have questions. How do I contact someone at Restaurantica?

    Contact Us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Don’t see your question here? Contact Us if you’d like to reach out to us personally.