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  • First things first….it was good its just not what...
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    • Price Range (per person): $26-$60
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  • First things first….it was good its just not what I was expecting, maybe that just because I was looking more for North American Chinese food and not so much Authentic Chinese food.

    So I stopped in last week because I heard it was good and I wanted to try it. I was placing an order for pick up for my wife and I, plus our 2 toddlers who love chicken balls and rice. I was surprised that they didn’t have combos. The chicken balls and rice combo at most places are more then enough for my 2 kids. So I order Sweet and Sour Chicken, Ribs, Chicken Fried Rice and a Chicken/Veggie mix, which all came to a tad over 50 dollars….but the servings were big so no big deal….just lunch for the next day, right.

    Sweet and Sour Chicken was nothing like any other Chinese restaurant in the city. Is this good or bad? I’ll let you decide. It’s not the normal red sweet and sour sauce that you would expect nor is it chicken balls. It’s battered and fired chicken pieces, which is a nice change, that were really good but the sauce was more of a sweet tomato base that wasn’t to my taste. My wife doesn’t like the sauce but likes the chicken, but they wouldn’t do a batch without sauce. It was different but good.

    The ribs again had a different flavor then the usually honey garlic that I’m use to. The meat was good and pulled off the bone like you’d want it to but it was hard to get past the flavoring.

    The rice and veggie chicken dishes were great.

    If you want to try something new then go here. I will probably go back and try some other dishes when its just me. But when I’m eating with my wife we’re going to stick to the Chinese food that we know and love.

  • Order: Sweet and sour chicken, ribs, veggie/chicken mix, chicken fried rice.
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