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  • Money thrown in the garbage!!!!
  • Overall
    2.0 stars
    • Food
      1.0 star
    • Services
      4.0 stars
    • Atmosphere
      2.0 stars
    • Price Range (per person): $26-$60
    • Visit Again?: No
    • Party Size: 2
  • My husband heard from a friend that their meals were "huge", but little did he know that they were also horrible. We went in, started with the traditional tzaziki with garlic bread. The tzaziki is the only reason I rate this restaurant a 2/10 for food. The garlic bread is toasted white toast, drenched in butter and covered with chopped up garlic and oregano (garlic bread 101).
    So right after licking the butter off my fingers, the food arrives (props to the fast service... ). A pound of rice, a pound of potatoes, a pound of salad, 10 souvlaki chicken cubes. Salad was okay, but definately nothing close to the traditional greek salad. Way too vinigary and sour.
    The steamed lame white rice was topped with "a really delicious special house tomato sauce" - as the waiter called it. Very, very, special.... icky.
    The potatoes tasted just like that tomato sauce for some reason. What a waste of potatoes, big, oven potatoes cut into fours.. about 10 of them on your plate. Who can even finish that? My husband is an ogre and well, despite the fact that it wasnt very apetizing, he wouldnt even able to finish a third of it. And the chicken: salty and rubbery (like when you cook frozen chicken). I had only a cube. Most unfulfilling meal in my life...
    Total Damange Cost: 50$ (the most I've ever spent at a greek restaurant and well, we learn from our mistakes!)
    And of course, there goes our meal in a styrofoam box .. I guess it was a day for charity..
    I have NO idea how this restaurant even opened...

  • Order: Chicken souvlaki plate + tzaziki with garlic bread
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