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  • This is a new restaurant in Saint John, in the lobby of what used to be the old Kent Theater. Since the closing of the incredible "Ming's Restaurant", this now seems to be the place the (quickly growing) oriental population of the town eats. As this was my first visit, I ordered from the daily special menu, whereof you choose 3 of 7 dishes and receive steamed rice on the side. They also have what seems to be a fairly large à la carte menu, which I will have to try some other time. (or times)

    I ordered the Sweet and Spicy Pork, Cola Chicken (of which I had never heard), Vegetable Stir-fry, and tea. Being as I ordered from Tuesday's special menu, and not à la carte, service was dang-near instantaneous! Very rapid, in any case. I hadn't even had time to read all the headlines of the front page of my newspaper before I was presented with my meal. Wow. It was so rapid, as a matter of fact, that I had to wait several minutes for my tea!

    Let's go:
    1) Sweet and spicy pork. A bit sweet, not particularly spicy, and a bit too salty. Not overly so, but I would have wished a bit less salt and a bit more spice.
    2) Cola Chicken. Never heard of it before, but it was tasty. The only drawbacks to it are that it was from a part of the chicken I could not identify, but had a bone in it, and there were only 3 pieces of it. More would really have been better.
    3) Vegetable stir-fry. Very tasty, with obviously fresh vegetables of every type (available fresh daily from the City Market, just down the street). It was this part of the dish that made me wish that the plate itself had been heated, because the vegetables got rather cool rather quickly. Still good, though.
    4) The steamed rice. Exactly as I would have expected; slightly sticky to make it easy to eat with chopsticks (which I did not) and very tasty. North Americans might want to splash a bit of soya sauce on it, however (which I did).
    5) The tea. I should have specified orange pekoe, but the usual weak, green Chinese tea I received was actually a good accompaniement to the meal.

    Service was excellent, the place is clean, and except for one table of other North Americans, it was full of orientals, apparently enjoying their meals. I will definitely go back again, to try the rest of the menu.

    TOTAL price for my meal was... $9.00 (tax included)! A bargain if ever there was one.

  • Order: Sweet and Spicy Pork, Cola Chicken, Vegetable Stir-Fry, Tea
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